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Building an impactful real estate organization for the Vietnamese communities worldwide brings more than its fair share of triumphs and challenges. You might even say that we’re only a several years in, but we’ve packed several lifetime of experiences into creating history – there’s literally that much going on at a given time. That kind of experiences have developed us into a better human being and taught us to appreciate each year for its success and challenges. This year was particularly an accomplishment, a history in the making, as we embarked together on our aspirations to build a better tomorrow within our communities and abroad. We’ve had several initiatives underway for the past year that come to fruition in 2019, and they set VNARP well for the future going forward in 2020.

Our most important pillar is to provide quality education for our members/affiliates and we’re thrilled to have delivered direct insight to one of the hottest topics in real estate!

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